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  All Eiserblew Ragdolls are from 100% Traceable, Traditional pedigrees. Their entire ancestry can be traced back to the original foundation cats on every line of their pedigree with no blanks.

Elowyn is also from 100% Old English lines.

Oh my goodness - what a bundle of loving mischief joined our home the day that 'Smelly Ellie' arrived! She has to be one of the most extroverted Ragdolls I have ever come across. She loves everyone, and will sit on the lap of any visitor who arrives in our home.

Elowyn has a few habits that really make her stand out from the crowd. Firstly, it doesn't matter what you are doing, she simply has to be on your lap. Her second amusing habit is to launch herself at you when she wants fuss. If you realise she is going to do it you can catch and cuddle her, but sometimes she will leap up without warning...

Elowyn is very unusual because she is very 'white'. Many people refer to this as a 'Van pattern' Ragdoll. Only the top of her head and her tail are coloured, the rest of her is the purest white.
Hollygram Porcelein Doll



Even though this is one of the worst shots of a cat I've ever taken, I quite simply had to use this photo of Pip, because it sums her up perfectly...

Pip is an amazing girl. She came to me from another breeder as a kitten, and fitted straight in.

She has been a blessing since the day she moved in. So easy to live with, but she can get a bit shouty, and sometimes insists on having the last chirrup. She has also perfected the 'sploot', where she will lay with her back legs looking like frog legs. She truly is the funniest of girls.

Pip is a wonderful blue colourpointed girl, who has already blessed us with some wonderful litters of babies. She is also from 100% Old English lines.



HP is also from 100% Old English lines.

She originally went to live with friends in Germany,
but came to rejoin us a few years later. I was really
pleased, as HP has always held a very special place
in my heart.

She really is a gentle, loving girl. Her type is fantastic.
If I could clone her, I would. I love everything about
her, and even though she has her faults, I
love everything about her, and wouldn't change
her for the world.

Eiserblew Hot Patootie
  Eiserblew Leggs Akimbo


Kim was born here, and quickly made sure we knew she was staying... She loves to sleep in a round fruit bowl. She's not fussy - she's happy to incubate the odd apple or banana at the same time, if necessary.

She is a stunning Blue Bicolour girl, from 100% Old English lines. I have had a few people try and persuade me to let her live with them, but she isn't going anywhere. She has her paws firmly under the table, and has us wrapped around her paws.

Everyone gets on well with Kim. She really is no fuss or bother to live with.



Carmen is a beautiful Blue Mitted girl, with a silky dense coat. She is a bit of a monkey, who likes to lead the other girls astray, and loves to move things. She will knock things off tables, shelves, windowsils... She knows she's not meant to, but like every naughty child, she doesn't always listen when we tell her 'no'!

She is the daughter of Catricat Ragdamiral, from his penultimate litter. She is from 100% Old English lines, and is also a DNA proven chocolate carrier.

She has a lovely diverse pedigree, fantastic boning and lovely length to her body. I look foward to seeing what her first litter brings when the time comes!
Eiserblew Desiderata



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