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  All Eiserblew Ragdolls are from 100% Traceable, Traditional pedigrees. Their entire ancestry can be traced back to the original foundation cats on every line of their pedigree with no blanks.
  Eiserblew Matty Groves


Matty was born and raised here with us. He has a wonderful mixture of 100% Old English lines which should compliment our breeding. He's a young boy at the moment, but we hope that when he grows he will continue to mature with the promise he is already showing.

He is a stunning and perfectly marked mitted boy, with just a hint of a nose blaze. Such a cheeky little boy, who has worked out how to wrap his human Daddy around his paw!

We hope to be able to take him out on the showbench shortly, and hope that his judges like him as much as we do!


Will arrived having travelled all the way from Australia! Once he was home, he stepped out of his crate, and sat on our bed, paddling away. It was like he'd always lived here.

Although he is just a youngster, he is already showing immense promise. He is from 100% Old English lines, and brings some new lines to my breeding. He is a huge boy, with fantastic strong boning. He has already been shown as a kitten in Australia, and over here as an adult, and is already on his way to becoming a Champion.

I can't thank Debbie from Guysndolls Ragdolls enough for allowing this special little man to come and live with us!
Guysndolls Blossom Time
  Ragamews Tears of a Clown Aiden

Aiden arrived with us as an adult, and has settled in beautifully. He is a very affectionate boy, who loves a tummy rub and cuddle. He currently lives with the youngsters, and has formed a strong bond with Mr Snuggles (pictured below).

He has a lovely broad head, long body, and good strong boning. He is from 100% Old English lines.

Aiden has proven himself, and produced many litters of kittens in the past, and has already given us some beautiful kittens.

He brings back another line that I 'lost' a few years ago, and I am looking forward to incorporating his lines in with my own breeding.
Mr Snuggles

This poor boy. He has the soppiest name for a butch stud boy! When he arrived, neither myself nor Alan could think of a name for this gentle giant, and I jokingly suggested 'Mr Snuggles'. I was told in no uncertain terms that no, I couldn't call him that...

He has matured beautifully, and has now joined the boys in their own purpose built accomodation. He can't wait for my company though, and as soon as he sees me he comes straight to me for fuss and a hug.

Snuggles is from 100% Old English lines, and is a true Bicolour. I feel very fortunate to him in my breeding program, as he brings back some of the Azzedine lines I lost a few years ago.


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