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Ragdoll Cat - Eiserblew Bilbo Baggins. Breeder - Candice Prowting

About Our Kittens

We do not have any kittens at the moment and already have a long waiting list.
Should any kittens become available, they will be
listed here from early/mid September onwards.

If you would like to go on our waiting list, then please do get in touch.

All our kittens are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, registered, and health checked before leaving us for their new homes. Microchipping can also be arranged if you wish.

Please remember - an un-registered cat is not a pedigree cat!

Many recent imported Ragdolls coming into the UK contain outcrosses to Birmans, Balinese, and other breeds. Often these are more than 5 generations ago, so do not appear on the pedigree handed out by the breeders. These breeds may carry genetic diseases that are not currently in the '100% Traceable Traditional' Ragdoll gene pool.

Because of the nature of some of these genes, even if an outcross was done 10 generations ago, recessive genes could still be in the gene pool, hence the saying 'recessive is forever'. Eiserblew Ragdolls has only ever imported two Ragdolls into the UK, and both were offspring from cats whose pedigrees are 100% Traceable Traditional, with no outcrosses and no 'blanks' (unknown parentage) in the pedigree right back to the original foundation cats, and from known healthy lines.

They also leave with a 4 generation pedigree, bag of litter, enough dry and wet food to last at least a week, some toys and a blanket.

For available kittens, please see my 'News' page, or contact me at


How about a Rehome?

Throughout the year, there are numerous Ragdolls, left homeless for a variety of reasons.
They may have been left without a home after a marriage breakdown, emigration, family
allergy, or even, as I heard in one recent case, a cat rescued after being used for dog baiting.

It is an unfortunate fact that these Ragdolls are being given up by their old owners.
For many, all they want is a warm bed and someone to love them.

If you think you could offer a Ragdoll In Need a loving new home, please contact
the following organisation:

Ragdoll Rehoming


Ragdoll cat - Charismagic Harlequinne and her kittens Ragdoll Cat - Eiserblew Bilbo Baggins. Breeder - Candice Prowting



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