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Eiserblew Ragdolls are sad to announce that
after more than 20 years of owning, showing, and
breeding Ragdolls, we are winding down.

We will be having a few litters over the next couple
of years, and some of the best examples will be
made available to other breeders so they can continue
to preserve these rare, precious lines.

If you are interested in a cat on the active register to include in your
own breeding programme, or perhaps to start on the beautiful
journey of becoming a breeder,
please do get in touch and I can let
you know when we are next expecting a litter.

We will still have a number of kittens available to pet homes as well as
for breeding, so if you are looking for a new, furry family member,
please get in touch!

Eiserblew Lulu Mae
Grand Premier
Eiserblew Lulu Mae

(Lovingly owned & shown by
Darren & Linda Danton-Vizor)

I am a small Ragdoll Cat Breeder located on the Hampshire/Berkshire border. I also show my Ragdoll cats, and find this is a good way to ensure my Ragdolls adhere closely to the Breed Standard. I have been breeding Ragdoll cats for many years now, having initially brought my first kitten from a breeder as a pet. I went on to take him to shows, where he did very well on the showbench, winning awards for Best Ragdoll Kitten with many cat clubs.

From then on I was truly smitten with the breed, and purchased a second Ragdoll, who was also to be my first breeding girl. I only breed with 100% Traceable Traditional pedigreed Ragdolls meaning they can be traced back to the three founding cats - Josephine, Blackie and Daddy Warbucks. There are no outcrosses, as these could allow genetic problems to creep into the breed, regardless of how many generations have passed by. I breed in the colours of Seal and Blue in all three patterns. I am working on the Chocolate and Lilac colours, and hope to have these available shortly. I mainly breed 100% Old English Ragdolls and occasionally have litters with a mixture of Old English with Old American lines, my main aim being to preserve the temperament and original Ragdoll look that the Ragdoll is famous for.

All of our kittens are bred and raised in our home, and quickly become involved with the day to day routine of a busy household. They leave us with a 'Kitten pack' which contains many things your new Ragdoll kitten will need for his or her new home.


All our Ragdolls are registered with the GCCF and I am a registered breeder with The British Ragdoll Cat Club, and a member of many other clubs, both in the UK and overseas. I also served on the committee for the Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Society (no longer running) as the Breed Recorder and Genetic Registrar from it's inception in 2004 until January 2011, and I served on the committee of The British Ragdoll Cat Club from approximately 2011 to 2024.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and you have any questions about Ragdolls or the availability of Ragdoll kittens please do not hesitate to contact me. All of my breeding cats have been tested and proven clear of the 'faulty' MyBPC3 (Ragdoll HCM) gene via PCR DNA sequencing, to ensure the greatest accuracy of results. All cats sold for breeding by Eiserblew Ragdolls will be microchipped and tested for the MyBPC3 gene. Any kitten sold as being chocolate or a chocolate carrier will also be DNA tested to prove their colour/carrier status.



This is for our, and your, peace of mind. All our breeding cats trace back entirely to the foundation Ragdolls, with no outcrosses anywhere in their pedigree.

Many recent imported Ragdolls coming into the UK contain outcrosses to Birmans, Balinese, and other breeds. Often these are more than 5 generations ago, so do not appear on the pedigree handed out by the breeders. These breeds may carry genetic diseases that are not currently in the '100% Traceable Traditional' Ragdoll gene pool.

Because of the nature of some of these genes, even if an outcross was done 10 generations ago, recessive genes could still be in the gene pool, hence the saying 'recessive is forever'. Eiserblew Ragdolls has only ever imported three Ragdolls into the UK, and all were offspring from cats whose pedigrees are 100% Traceable Traditional, with no outcrosses and no 'blanks' (unknown parentage) in the pedigree right back to the original foundation cats, and from known healthy lines.

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