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This page is dedicated to the Raggies that share our lives, but are not an active part of our breeding programme.
Catricat Miss Fleur


Fleur is from 100% Old English lines, and is an absolute pleasure to have in our home. She joined us as an adult, but settled in beautifully.

She is a real purr machine. We only need to call her name and she starts to purr. She sleeps between the pillows on our bed every night.

Fleur is most definitely the Matriarch of our home. If there is any dispute or squabble, she will run straight over, telling the offenders to go and stand in the corner and have a serious think about their behaviour! I cannot remember what life was like before Fleur arrived.

Fleur has now retired, but is still very much the boss of the household.



Grace is also from 100% Old English lines.

She is a real monkey, and loves nothing better than playing 'tag' with the other cats, and getting into places she shouldn't be! At her first show she was awarded first place, and Best of Breed over seven other cats.

One of Graces Daughters, Eiserblew Danube, now lives in Germany, and Eiserblew Belle De Jour has gone to Ardendolls Ragdolls.

Grace has now retired, but we do have her son, a Grandson, and two Granddaughters living with us.

Ragdoll Cat: Leasowes Amazing Grace - Breeder: Mr Barry Smith


Dot has been through a lot for a young girl. When she was 5 weeks old, we found her collapsed on the floor. She was totally paralysed and could only move her eyes and ears.

The vets were unsure of the cause, but felt she may have broken her neck or spine. As Dot wasn't in pain, we decided to try a course of antibiotics and see how things went over a few days. I could tell that the vet wasn't optimistic, but we had to try. Thank goodness we did. She had meningitis, and slowly improved with antibiotics. Unfortunately she was left mildly brain damaged, and wouldn't eat as she didn't feel hungry.

Her brain finally 're-wired' itself, and at around 5 months she started eating for herself, but the effects of her early illness are still obvious. She is a tiny girl, with a big character, and we wouldn't be without her. Due to her illness, she has stayed as one of our close companions.

GCCF Champion & TICA Champion Alter
Eiserblew Morpheus

Morpheus (known at home as 'Pretty'!) was supposed to go to a pet home, but for some reason he was overlooked. I took him to a show as an older kitten, and he won Best In Show Semi-Longhaired Kitten.

He eventually left us to live with another family who had much more time on their hands to give him the peace and attention he deserved, so for his sake, we let him leave us.

He is still much loved member of our extended family, hence he is still remembered on this page.


Eiserblew Morpheus
  Ragdoll Cat - Eiserblew Limited Edition. Breeder - Candice Prowting


Alice seems to have a bit of a passion for taking things which don't belong to her. I will often find my watch, glasses and jewellery deposited around the house where she's run off with them! Alice has had some wonderful kittens, one of which is in Europe, and has just become an International Champion! A daughter also lives with us to carry on her rarely found lines.

Alice is not from 100% Old English lines, however, her pedigree is 'Fully Traceable Traditional', meaning it can be traced back to the original foundation cats on every line of her pedigree, with no gaps or outcrosses.

We have kept a daughter from Alice to continue her unusual lines, and we hope that Gumble will follow in Alices paw steps with the same success as her mother.

  Catricat Ragadmiral

This stunning gentleman has been with us since he was a young adult, and he has been a constant and faithful friend since he arrived.

He is a quirky boy, who is very determined, decisive boy. He knows what he wants, be it food or a snooze on our laps!

He is a special boy. One that helped to dispel the myth that the Chocolate gene had been lost in the Ragdoll, and has been the most important cat in my breeding program. I am honored to share my home with this magnificent boy. His children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and beyond, both here in the UK and around the world, will now continue his legacy.
Catricat Ragadmiral



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