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Below are some links to websites of fellow Ragdoll Cat breeders who I am working
closely with. Visit their sites by clicking on their name.

Sweetie Breeders of Traditional Ragdolls from both Old English and '100% Traceable Traditional' lines. Breeding for type, health and temperament.
Magisragis Ragdoll Cat Breeder A small breeder of both Traditional and non-Traditional Ragdolls, bred with love, and for health, type and temperament.
Spiritdancers Ragdoll Cat Breeders Concentrating predominantly on the Traditional Ragdoll lines to secure the future of the Ragdoll that we all know and love.
Breeder of Traditional Ragdolls, situated in the south of Germany. Breeding from many different lines imported from across the world.
Kajika Rags - Ragdoll Cat Breeder

Small breeder of Ragdolls in Germany. Proudly working with lines from across Europe.

Links to Cat Clubs

The British Ragdoll Cat Club

The oldest and largest Ragdoll club in the
UK. Working to promote interest in breeding
and showing Ragdolls, and to encourage responsible ownership and breeding.

The British Ragdoll Cat Club

IG Ragdoll Cat Club

The main Ragdoll Cat Club in Germany,
with a worldwide membership.

IG Ragdoll - German Ragdoll Cat Club



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