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This page is dedicated to the memory of some of the very special Ragdolls
that we've had the pleasure to share our home with over the years.

In life, they bought us so much joy, and pain that we thought
would never heal when they left us.




22.08.2003 - 31.08.2007

Rosie truly was the Queen of the household
and to me was everything that a Ragdoll
should be.

She shared her fathers temperament
and eye colour, and I feel honoured
to have been owned by her.

Over the years she graced us with some
wonderful kittens - two of which stayed here
with us. While they will never replace my most special girl, I can take comfort that a
part of her lives on in our home.

Sonnifacio English Rose

Grand Champion Emerisle Porscha Nineleven

Grand Champion Emerisle Porscha Nineleven
26.05.1998 - 09.02.2009

Porscha was our first Stud boy. He came
all the way from Glasgow to live with us in Southampton many years ago.

He enjoyed a fantastic show career,
which included Best In Show Bicolour
Adult at The British Ragdoll Cat Club.

Porscha was neutered in September
2007, and enjoyed his retirement
lounging at home with 'his girls'.

Such a beautiful, strong yet gentle boy. I
still keep expecting to see him sleeping
on the sofa even to this day.


Della's Aramis
12/07/1996 - 15/05/2009

Misty came to us in the Summer of '07.
He quickly settled in, making himself at home
and demonstrating his fantastic temperament.

Mistys Grandfather was Blossom-Time Romeo,
one of the first 12 Ragdolls imported into
the UK, and he was from 100% Old English lines.

He retired in 2008, but began to show his
age over his last few months. He has now gone
over the bridge. Sleep tight, sweetheart.

Della's Aramis
  Ragamews Lily Ofeiserblew

Ragamews Lily Of Eiserblew

Lily came to us in 2006. I had waited what felt
like an eternity to get a 'true' Bicolour girl
from 100% Old English Lines. Lily was one
better. She was a Mid-High White, meaning
that when mated to a Colourpointed boy she would have both Mitted and (true) Bicolour offspring.

Lily graced us with two litters of kittens while
she was with us - one of which I kept for showing, and he did incredibly well during his show career.

Lily was unfortunately a carrier of the defective
HCM gene. Once we found out, we didn't breed any further from her. We lost her to heart failure.






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