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7th February 2022

I really should update this more often. There have been many things going on, and projects being completed. We had an entirely new cattery constructed in November 2020, and it has made the boys living quarters so much more airey, and cosy, as well as hygenic.

Once our cattery was errected, our next job was to start treating our cats and clearing them of the Feline Coronavirus (for more information, read our Feline Coronavirus page). It wasn't the easiest thing to do, and certainly wasn't cheap, but you can't put a price on the peace of mind that being FCoV-free brings.

We are nearing our 1 year Feline Coronavirus-free. A friend of ours has already celebrated year two, with year three rapidly approaching. Many people believe that this is impossible, but we are the living proof it can, and has, been done.

We have also had our first litter of Devon Rex babies! I fell in love with the breed about 9 years ago. I was stewarding at a cat show, and needed to get a tiny dot of a Devon Rex kitten out of a pen. It was love at first sight. I fell in love with this boy, and wanted to slip him into my pocket and take him home. A few years later, I had the opportunity of having his younger brother, and that's how our first Devon came to live with us. A few years later, the same breeder posted a photo of her newborn babies. Oh my... A little black and white. That tiny dot of a kitten stole my heart in an instant. 13 weeks later, she joined us as a show/breed girl and like our Ragdolls, has never disappointed us.


29th March 2015

We have been busy with our breeding programme over the last 15 months, and making plans for the future.

We have imported two boys from overseas, from Vom Wasenwald Ragdolls in Germany, and Guysndolls Ragdolls in Australia. Both breeders are ardent supporters of the 100% Traditional, fully traceable Ragdoll. Both of the boys I have imported have had thorough pedigree checks by numerous breeders and clubs to ensure that they are descended entirely and exclusively from Ragdoll ancestry. Many other breeders are eagerly importing Ragdolls from overseas at the moment, and this could be a recipe for disaster. Some overseas breeders have in the past crossed Ragdolls with other breeds, such as Birmans and Balinese. I have also seen pedigrees showing outcrosses to Nebelungs, German Shorthairs, Maine Coons, and British Shorthairs, to name a few. The GCCF have a strict no outcrossing policy, and had these outcrosses been done under GCCF rules, they would never have been recognised as Ragdoll cats.

Many, if not all breeds have their own genetic problems. With Ragdolls, it was Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), which fortunately we can now DNA test for, and this has all but been eliminated from the Ragdoll breed. The problem with outcrosses to other breeds is that the majority of times, there are no DNA tests for their health issues. An imported cat with an outcross in its pedigree could be carrying a mutation which could cause illness in the future. There is a saying that 'recessive is forever', meaning that the genes that cause these problems can move forward generation by generation undetected. This could result in health issues surfacing unknown at any time in the future.

Many people believe that crossbreeds are more healthy, and for the first generation they may well be. In actual fact, it is beginning to be more widely accepted that as the generations go by, they can be far more unhealthy with regards to inherited diseases that cannot be tested for. Instead of inheriting the problems of one breed, kittens can inherit the problems of two. Or three. Or four.... The Ragdoll has one of the largest gene pools of any breed of cat. It is also one of the healthiest purebred breeds. It is something that the majority of breeders do not want to see change. By breeding with other breeds with health issues that cannot be tested for, health issues that cannot be tested for can be easily brought into the breed. This can lead to people abandoning (rightly or wrongly) certain lines, which may actually end up damaging the genepool, and doing more harm than good.

Eiserblew Ragdolls are very particular when deciding on the cats and pedigrees to breed from. We only select Ragdolls who have no outcrossing anywhere in their pedigree, right the way back to the original Raggedy-Ann foundation cats. We also only breed from DNA tested lines.


30th December 2013

Things have been ticking along quietly here, with a lot of projects in progress. We have had a new cattery building built, to allow our boys to have a more luxurious environment, and a new run has been built onto the back of the house so the indoor cats can pop in and out as they wish to take in the fresh air.

We have also been busy researching and planning our breeding for the next few years. Plans had been made, however, I had the opportunity to add a few more rare lines to our breeding program. We have been fortunate to welcome Pudsey - a Blue Colourpointed boy from 100% Old English lines, Mr Snuggles! - a Seal Bicoloured boy who again is from 100% Old English Lines, and Dolly - a Seal Bicolour (High Mitted) girl from 100% Old English Lines. Dolly is very precious to us, as she is the granddaughter of Eiserblew Belle De Jour, who is a magnificent girl who holds a very special place in my heart.


29th November 2011

Eiserblew Morpheus went to his first show since he was neutered. We decided to try a TICA show, and today attended the Cattica show, held in Newbury. Pretty did very well, and attained the title of Champion Alter in one day! We will continue to show him, both with the GCCF and TICA. We have high hopes for our little man, and hope that he continues to enjoy his days out as much as he did today!

13th November 2010

Eiserblew Morpheus went to his first show since achieving his Champion title, and was entered into his first Grand Champion class. It is very difficult for a young male to complete against much older, more mature males. Morpheus was the youngest in the class, but he shocked us all by winning the Grand!

Judges critiques from the day:

– (16.7.09) Striking Seal Bi-Colour Ragdoll, lovely head shape, flat plane to forehead, ears wide based, slightly forward tilted, gentle curve to nose, firm chin, big round eyes set obliquely a good sound even blue. Strong limbs and length to body, big feathered feet. coat thick but soft, rich dark seal to head and ears, white inverted triangle to face, white chest, chin, tummy and legs, just a small spot of colour on 1 hock, tail bushy to shoulders a mid seal, body beige shading lighter to sides – lovely gentle boy to handle.

I was extremely impressed with the head shape on this young lad, looking so masculine, mature and broad already, hard to believe he was just sixteen months old.  Excellent Ragdoll look, wonderful breadth to the skull, medium sized ears that tilt forwards gently are spaced well apart, full cheeks and gently rounded muzzle.  Medium length nose with dip to the profile, hint of a retrousse tip, firm chin and level bite.  Deep blue expressive eyes are large and well opened, expression enhanced by deep seal colour on his mask.  Well grown and well proportioned boy, excellent body weight and structure, tail length balances well.  Well presented, with striking seal bi-colour markings, inverted white V on the forehead is symmetrical and widens to the chin, bib, chest and under belly, his legs are all white with the exception of a small seal spot on his back left leg.  Well presented fairly dense coat, with some white patches on the back. 

18th September 2010

Eiserblew Morpheus is now a Champion!

Our home-bred little man has proven what a star is by becoming a Champion. I have only shown him four times as an adult and only once did he not win his class, and that was at the Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club. He came second to a much older, more mature boy. I am very proud of my 'little man', and look forward to seeing what other accolades his show career can bring to him!

30th January 2010

Eiserblew Morpheus was shown at the Southern Counties Cat Club show today. He was awarded 1st and Best of Breed. He was the only kitten in the class, which disappointed me, as I would have liked him to have some competition! Well, he certainly proved his worth. The judges seemed to like him, awarding him four first places in his side classes and he was later awarded Overall Best In Show Semi-Longhaired Kitten!

Eiserblew Morpheus - Ragdoll Cat
Eiserblew Morpehus - Ragdoll Cat

Judges Critiques from the day:

Seal Bi-Colour Ragdoll. A very promising young man indeed. Very well grown, long substantial body and lovely boning. Well developed head, of very good length and breadth for age. Mid blue eyes. Medium length coat, well marked bi-colour pattern. One to watch out for in the future. Later became Best in Show SLH Kitten, very well done.


22nd November 2009

Eiserblew Lulu Mae was shown at the Supreme Cat Show yesterday and won her class. She was awarded her third Grand Premier certificate, becoming a Grand Premier. She attained her Premier title in three consecutive shows, and has now gone on to win her Grand Premier title in three consecutive shows. I am very proud of how our little girl has done, and cannot thank her owners, Darren & Linda Danton-Visor, for showing her so perfectly.

10th October 2009

Eiserblew Asina, living in Germany with Peggy of Kajika Rags, enjoyed another sucessful show day. At the Deutscher Edelkatzen Züchterverband e.V show in Tübingen, Germany. She attained her third CICAB certificate, which makes her a FIFe International Champion! Asina is the first Eiserblew Ragdoll to attain this award, and we are very proud of her. Thanks go to Peggy and her family for showing Asina to perfection!

21st September 2009

Eiserblew Belle De Jour has again had her success rewarded at the Traditionalist Ragdoll Cat Society AGM. This young lady always staggered me with her success on the showbench, and has been awarded the following accolades:

Overall Best Kitten
Best Mitted Kitten
Best Seal Mitted Kitten
Best Seal Mitted Adult

Eiserblew Belle De Jour now lives with Angie Williams of Ardendolls Ragdolls. She has recently had kittens, so if you are interested in a baby from this show-stopping girl, please visit Angies website.



16th May 2009

We had some bad news yesterday when Della's Aramis passed over Rainbow Bridge. He was an older gent, who had been with us just over 2 years. During his time here he has given us some exceptional kittens. One of his offspring has gone to live at Ardendolls, and two have remained here to continue his lines, so a small piece of him will always live with us.

29th March 2009

We are very pleased to announce that Eiserblew Belle De Jour was awarded the following accolades at the British Ragdoll Cat Club AGM:

Best Overall Ragdoll Kitten 2008
Best Overall Mitted Ragdoll 2008
Best Overall Mitted Kitten 2008
Best Overall Seal Mitted Kitten 2008

We have been very proud of her achievements on the showbench. She really is an exceptional girl!

28th November 2008

Eiserblew Belle De Jour recently attended the Supreme Cat Show - the Crufts of the cat world. She did very well, coming first in her open class up against some very stiff competition!

Another Eiserblew Ragdoll also enjoyed a very sucessful day. Premier Eiserblew Lulu Mae, owned and shown to perfection by Linda and Darren Danton-Vizor was also awarded 1st place and her second Grand Premier certificate! Congratulations and a big thank you to Darren and Linda on another sucessful show day!




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