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The Traditional Ragdoll Cat Society have been made aware of a number of Ragdolls which have been registered both in the UK and overseas who have 'Mink Ragdolls' in their pedigree. This information we are now passing on in good faith.

The 'Mink' colouration was introduced into these cats by crossing to RagaMuffins, which are a distinctly different breed of cat, also developed by Ann Baker. There are two RagaMuffins in particular who appear incorrectly on Ragdoll pedigrees - these are Liebling Mocha Madness (often noted on pedigrees as just 'Mocha Madness') and Reggie of Rainbow Rags (often noted on pedigrees as just 'Reggie').

"The RagaMuffin Breed was Founded on the IRCA cats when Ann began using Domestics and Persians to diversify her IRCA Ragdoll gene pool. These cats include Solid Color Cats and Mink colors. These are not entirely line traceable back to the original group of cats and their breeders who left Ann Baker and formed the Ragdoll Breed. These Breeders only had Colorpointed cats within their breeding programs. Colorpoint to Colorpoint breedings will only produce other colorpoints. Solids and Minks are therefore genetically impossible."
Curt Gehm, Liebling RagaMuffins

Georgann Chambers of Ragnarok Cattery had verified that there have been some errors with the registration of cats under another registry, the UCF. Due to these errors, RagaMuffins appeared as Ragdolls, and were subsequently transferred into TICA as full Ragdolls. The Certified Pedigrees were showing RagaMuffins as being Ragdolls, and this enabled these outcrosses to be transferred over to the GCCF using TICA certified pedigrees.

The TICA records have now been amended to show the incorrectly registered cats on the pedigree as RagaMuffins. As advised by Curt Gehm, there are RagaMuffins in every single Mink Ragdoll pedigree, and there are also many colourpointed siblings which have also been sold as breeding cats over the years, so it is very important that breeders are aware of this problem.

Below is a copy of an old, incorrect TICA pedigree, and below that a corrected copy. To fully understand the pedigree, you will also need to understand the TICA registration numbers, which I have also explained below:


Uncorrected Pedigree:
  Corrected Pedigree:

We have been supplied a list of a few overseas cats whose pedigrees contain outcrossing to RagaMuffins. It is by no means a definitive list, but these are a few names to watch for on pedigrees.

The cats listed below are all cats bred OUTSIDE of the UK by NON-GCCF breeders, and may or may not appear in a UK pedigree.:


Adorableragdoll Minki of RaglRocks
Adorable Ragdolls Lucy of FamilyTimeRags
Adorable Ragdolls Maia of Austin Farms
Adorable Ragdolls Muffin
AngelRags Leroy Brown
AngelRags Smoke gets in Your Eyes
Aristorags Ally MacHappy
AristoRags Sir Purple Purrs A Lot
Behrfoot Rags Angel
Behrfoot Rags Peaches
Behrfoot Rags Pumpkin
Berhfoot Rags Sunny
Behrfoot Rags Terrie
Behrfoot Rags Wookie
Behrfoot Rags Yum Yum
Behrfoot Rags Rudy
Bessy of Moos Ranch
Calenquendi Seven of Nine
Cappuchino Boy
Carpe Diem Pablito
Carpe Diem Picasso
Carpe Diem Paddy Pasha
Carpe Diem Padme Pashima
Carpe Diem Pawing Paris
Ceslestrail Pollyanna of Deepblueyes
Chocolate Beach
Cocunut Island
Dacotah Cats Dusty Rose
Dacotah Cats Bo Jangles
Dacotah Cats Sterling of Celestrail
DallasRags Gigolo of Preciousdolls
DallasRags Gild the Lily
DallasRags Got Mink
DallasRags Houdini
DallasRags Layla
Dallasrags Misty Dawn
DallasRags Nefertitti
DallasRags PearlHarbor of GemSdolls
DallasRags Sam
DallasRags Sweet and Sassy
Fancyhues Tyka Kas Rosie


GemSdolls Sarah C
General Ginger Patriarca
Glacier Caramela
Glacier Jazzmine of Aristorags
Glacier Ozark Sunset of Hogwild
Heaven Dreams Biscotti
Heaven Dreams Bianca
Heaven Dreams Bambino
Heaven Dreams Bo
Heaven Dreams Baloo
Hogwild China Blue
Hogwild Max a Million
Kat's Kradle Heather
Kat's Kradle Phurry of DallasRags
Kat's Kradle Hershey Barr
Kat's Kradle Linea of GemsDolls
Liebling Cats Meghe
Liebling Trudy/Liebling Cats Trudy
Janaldo Creamsicle of Glacier
Janaldo Catlyn
Janaldo Mr Rudolph
McLowery's Tia Maria
Meghe of Janaldo
Meghe of Mclowery Rags
Mourningdove Miss Minx of Gemsdolls
Mouringdove Norman of Angelrags
Mourningdove Minky Boy
MourningDove Minky of Gouvernuer
Mourningdove Tigerlily
My Edward Duke of Windsor
Patriarca Gemma
Patriarca Giant Boy
Patriarca Glamour Puss
Patriarca G.I. Jane
Ragnarock's Kayla of Tajeschidolls
Ragnarok's Mink O Xin of Gemsdolls
Raganarok's PhurryGirl
Red Cloud of Dacotah Cats
Seiros Creme Fraiche
Seiros Dare Devil
Tajestchidolls Lady Lizzy
Tajeschidolls Voltaire of Chanidolls

  Whilst writing, I would also like to point out another cat who appears in some UK pedigrees, and that is Tuftytoes Sebastian, shown on this exerpt of a certified TICA pedigree below:

You will note that he is a Red Mackerel Tabby - not a colourpointed cat. This would suggest that he is also the result of an outcross at some stage further back on the pedigree, and is not from purely Ragdoll ancestry.

The TRCS offer a free Pedigree tracing service, available to members and non-members alike. Where possible, we can trace back pedigrees and advise owners of any known outcrosses within the pedigrees.

For further information please email

Candice Prowting
Breed Recorder and Genetic Registrar




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